All About Ohio

Ohio, a part of the North Midwest of the USA is rich in history and boasts of a diverse multi racial community made up with people with origins from German Irish , African American English American and Italian.

They are warm and friendly and really are a microcosm of the whole united States. So if you are planning tosee anywherein the US your first choice muct be Ohio.

Ohio was once the nation's capitol for industry, corporate leadership, and education. Today, unemployment in Ohio is surpassed in only four other states, and our leading exports - once steel, agriculture, and automobiles - are now our children, fleeing a failing state economy for higher incomes in Nevada, California, and Washington State.

Ohio is made great by its citizens; losing our brightest young minds to the sunshine belt hurts all of us, and in a very real way diverts the tax dollars Ohio has scrupulously invested in university educations to other states.

Government has the responsibility to safeguard the investments of its citizens, both human and financial. CoonectOhio looks forward to the opportunities to pursue our state interests in Columbus: to bring industry back to Ohio through market specific targeting programs, to make sure that every child has the opportunity to learn in middle schools and high schools, and to work with colleges and universities to retain the ability the we create at Oberlin, Case Western, Ohio State, Cleveland State, LCCC, and the literally dozens of other Ohio colleges.

Ohio Today

There is so much to discover in Ohio and when planning to visit you need the best information and guide to accommodation and where to stay.

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Winter in ohio

If you looking for snow, and lots of it ohio is for you, with snow covered villages with small shops, that you can search for antiques or watch the festive winter celebration.

Discover old museums filled full of wonderfull antiques, or dine out at one of the many gourmet restaurants.

With one of the best man made ski parks around, why not try out your snowboards or downhill skiiling, for a lot of fun in the snow.

Also an indoor water park for football, hockey or basket ball is available for whatever game you like you'll find it right here at winter in Ohio.

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